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  1. Gotta Get Away is one of the singles released from The Offspring’s Smash album. The song talks about a paranoid person. According to Dexter Holland, he .
  2. Aug 19,  · “Gotta Get Away” conveys the plight of finding the right girl. Despite having all he believes he needs (money, no significant other, and focus) lead .
  3. Located halfway between Toledo & Cleveland, Gotta Getaway is the perfect destination for you!
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  5. Gotta Get Away Lyrics. It's gonna take a lot more than magic. To break this spell. I know I'm gonna be in for a lot of trouble. I can tell. 'Cause they gave you more than a girl should have. You.
  6. The Impressions Lyrics. "Gotta Get Away". I've got to get away, from you, baby. I've got to get away, from you right now. I've got to get away, from you, baby. In every way my heart says stay. But I've got to get away, yeah yeah. A long long time now we've been .
  7. Jul 06,  · Im getting edjy, all the time Theres someone around me just a step behind Its kinda scary, the shape im in The walls r shaking and they're closing in Too f.
  8. I gotta get away from me Gotta get away from me Gotta get away from me. Whoa-oah-oah, whoa-oah-oah Whoa-oah-oah, whoa-oah-oah. Sitting on the bed And I'm lying wide awake There's demons in my head And it's more than I can take I think I'm on a roll But I think it's kinda weak Sayin' all I know is I gotta get away from me Gotta get away from me.

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