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  1. - Volume 13; - Volume 12; - - Volume 11; - Volume 10; - Volume 9; - Volume 8; - Volume 7 - Volume 1; Back to dates Issues - Volume 47A, Concepts in Magnetic Resonance Part A. free access. Volume 47A, Issue 2. March free access. Volume 47A, Issue 1. January Tools. Submit an.
  2. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine is an international journal devoted to the publication of original investigations concerned with all aspects of the development and use of nuclear magnetic resonance and electron paramagnetic resonance techniques for medical applications.
  3. Schematic of the resonant magnetic field sensor.. /0 1/$ ( IEEE DESIGN AND FABRICATION The resonator is excited at its fundamental frequency, in its first torsional mode of resonance. The fundamental, or natural, frequency of the resonator can be written as:Cited by:
  4. The solid line shows the expected distribution for the quasifree process based on the CD Bonn potential [21] deuteron wave function. For the data analysis only events with spectator momenta P.
  5. arXiv:cond-mat/v3 [bartbesalpellfeclao.cefalumblitihuropimitorubti.co-nn] Stabilit y of critical b eha viour of w eakly disordered systems with resp ect to the replica symmetry breaking.
  6. The Gd 3+ ion is especially suitable for its magnetic properties on account of its large number of unpaired electrons (S = 7/2) and because its magnetic properties are isotropic. Its relatively long electron-spin relaxation time, at ∼10 −9 s, is more suitable than other highly paramagnetic ions such as Dy 3+, Eu 3+, and Yb 3+ (∼10 −13 s). Taken together, these factors are very.
  7. magnetic resonance technology to medical uses, including whole-body scanning and diagnostic imaging. , Paul C. Lauterbur MR image principle: the shift in resonance frequency resulting from the imposition of a magnetic eld gradient can be used to generate a two-dimensional spatial distribution of protons in a water sample. , Peter Mans eld.

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